Art of Closing and Keeping Clients + Coaching Reviews

Chris Brown

Allan has a great deal of knowledge based on years of experience. Just to “hear” how he would handle things is the highlight. It is great to see another’s perspective on how to go about obtaining clients, and what to emphasize.

Bob Gomez

Other accountants can significantly benefit from this program. If an accountant is able to digest the personal coaching and therefore focus on communicating their underlying value to the client and prospect, they will be more successful than if they continue to focus on their technical skills. The personalized role playing is the most important part of the 1x1 coaching.

Don Musselman

The role playing and the Appointment Profile template reinforcement are very helpful as you are able to easily teach the worth of the simple approach to selling the value of our expertise to potential clients. As the training sessions progressed by using different client scenarios my confidence increased, as I was able to deliver what the client wants to hear. Personally, your enthusiasm, confidence and desire to provide a path to success for your clients are traits that ensure your program will continue to be a valuable tool to anyone seeking to grow the size and value of their business.

John Charles Roe

This was a great tool to hone my selling skills using BYF program. Gave me added confidence for selling and pricing my firms services.

Lauren Rosson

I believe accountants need lots of training on closing business and rainmaking isn't taught anywhere else, so this was very unique helpful for my specific circumstances. The precise wording and timing in the role playing on pricing my services was the most helpful, I find that to be the hardest when dealing with clients, but I feel much better about it now.

Mark Sizemore

The 1-on- 1 Coaching System takes the Build Your Firm program to another level. It makes them live and relatable. I have used the BYF system for several years and had reasonable success but never really understood how to pull together the most salient points in consultations with small business owners. The roleplaying was the most effective part because it forces you to implement the concepts and you struggle in a non-threatening situation. I highly recommend this coaching system.

Pedro Torres

An excellent business growth tool, I am still able to use the lessons learned as part of my daily contact with my current customers and the ones who are evaluating our services. The Program is an excellent way to prepare to get more business.