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Accounting Marketing Program

Victor Delerme
5 Stars
I have a new accounting practice and used this program to quickly grow my practice. Both instructors were knowledgeable and informative. I would not change any part of the Program, it was excellent and delivered what was promised. After, BYF has encouraged me to implement the marketing program. I am shocked at the response I am receiving immediately after implementing what BYF recommended and now realize that I should have done this program earlier. BYF really delivers.
Kurt Behrenfeld
5 Stars
Well done on every level! As a CPA for the last 30 years, both in public and private practice, this is one of the top courses I've taken in terms of getting substance from start to finish. Give me an ounce of concrete solutions over a pound of fluff any day!
Avo Asdourian
5 Stars
I am glad I found you. I am more confident and picked up a lot of great ideas. When I decided to go on my own it was a journey without guidance. I am great as a Tax adviser but marketing is a new world for me. I am no longer traveling the dark path I have BYF GPS guiding me to a very successful future. Thank you very much and I also would like to compliment on how great your staff has been with the support I received with my website. Thank you, Nita, Robin, Dawn.

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Practice Management Program

Brad Filmanowicz
5 Stars
This was a great help to organize my practice. I loved the chronological system for client communications and managing workflow throughout the entire year. They provided email communications for each week of the year that gathers work, tells the client what is needed, and reminds them of deadlines, wow!
Katie Ihndris
5 Stars
I recommend the Practice Management program to ALL accountants. Implementing recommendations from this program has enabled me to streamline everything from work flow to billing and collections. Doing this has left me more time to focus on my clients and maintain a balanced lifestyle.
Rex Draughn
5 Stars
The practice development program has been the best investment I have made since starting my practice.

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Art of Closing and Keeping Clients + Coaching

Lauren Rosson
5 Stars
I believe accountants need lots of training on closing business and rainmaking isn't taught anywhere else, so this was very unique helpful for my specific circumstances. The precise wording and timing in the role playing on pricing my services was the most helpful, I find that to be the hardest when dealing with clients, but I feel much better about it now.
Chris Brown
5 Stars
Allan has a great deal of knowledge based on years of experience. Just to “hear” how he would handle things is the highlight. It is great to see another’s perspective on how to go about obtaining clients, and what to emphasize.
Mark Sizemore
5 Stars
The 1-on- 1 Coaching System takes the Build Your Firm program to another level. It makes them live and relatable. I have used the BYF system for several years and had reasonable success but never really understood how to pull together the most salient points in consultations with small business owners. The roleplaying was the most effective part because it forces you to implement the concepts and you struggle in a non-threatening situation. I highly recommend this coaching system.

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Outsourced Marketing Program

Luke Gheen
5 Stars
Before I started this program, I could not get anyone to take an interest in me – even practices I was trying to buy into. Now my revenue has exceeded a lot of those practices and my profit margins are quite high for the industry because I process business the way BYF recommendeds. I could not be more pleased with the results. Hugh and BYF have done much more for me than they promised. I now have two other CPAs working for me, and am hiring a third this year. I’ve blown through the annual new business targets they set for me, and last year exceeded it by just almost 80%. Signing up for the outsourced marketing and practice management program with Build Your Firm has been one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made.
Ben Scott
5 Stars
Based on my experience with BYF's Outsourced Marketing Program, I highly recommend this program. By working with BYF, I am pleased to report that I have met my growth goals over the first year and my outlook is very positive despite the recession. With their system and guidance, I know what type of clients are right for me, how to run the practice efficiently, and how the leads will be generated for me. In a nutshell, the website is great and our search engine presence is impressive. By having a diversified marketing approach, we have a nice blend of leads coming from various sources each month. And, their practice management system enables us to operate the practice with a lean staff. This program delivers!!
Richard Reid
5 Stars
The Outsourced Marketing Program of Build Your Firm has been an incredible experience for me based on my first year participating in the program. The preparatory work by the website development team, the coaching by Allan and Hugh, the direct mail campaigns, and the periodic follow-up recommendations have all been very helpful to me as I have developed my CPA practice. I look forward to the remainder of the 3 years in the program. One area that has been a challenge for me has been the social media program, mostly because I have not had exposure to social media before now.

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Premier Website

Tracie Gonzenbach
5 Stars
We have a Premier and Niche Website with Build Your Firm. We recently had both sites redesigned by the Website Development Team. They did a remarkable job with both sites! Steve O'Brien was in charge of the job and was quick and responsive in making any changes we requested. We are extremely pleased. Job well done!
Purvish Shah
5 Stars
My journey with BYF started in 2015, when I enrolled in their Accounting Marketing Program. I eventually got my website from them in Feb 2016 and engaged their PPC services in 2016 as well. With help of BYF's team, I was able to increase my recurring revenue from $65K/Year to my current revenue $232K/YR. This is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your practice, these guys know what they are doing and the ROI on the investment is simply unmatched. If you are using the excuse of I do not have money to spend on marketing/BYF, you are doing yourself a major disservice. Simply put, invest in a proper website and marketing with BYF if you are serious about growing your practice.
Steven Apa
5 Stars
Stephen O'Brien at Build Your Firm is a first class professional, and was fantastic at building my CPA firm website. I was clearly impressed with his ability to take my raw content and craft that information into a fine presentation and representation of my professional background, skills, and experience to the Charlotte NC market. Thank you Stephen - and to all at BYF - for your commitment to helping those of us who struggle with managing all areas of our business, and have come to realize that we cannot do it all. This will be a long term relationship between us for many years to come.

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Niche Website

Sue Mays
5 Stars
Very happy with the new design, Steve was delightful to work with and helped with my new logo implementation. I love the new sliders, and the custom design work to mirror my logo is really nice. Thanks very much.
Len Nelms
5 Stars
Randy & Fred were both great to work with!
Bob Kilkenny
5 Stars
A guy with big IRS problems called me yesterday because my web site hosted by BYF popped up first in his Google search. He signed up to have me get the IRS off his back AND I am now the CPA for his restaurant. That’s $3000 now and about $3000 per year that I did not expect. Thanks BYF!!!

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Custom Website

Mark Bailey
5 Stars
From the initial design process through implementation and maintenance, BYF has exceeded my expectations. The professional guidance we have received from everyone has been exemplary. Ture professionals with a great sense of service. I would recommend and endorse BYF unconditionally.
Gianna Nguyen
5 Stars
The team and I wanted to send you and BYF a huge thank you for all the hard work and patience through this whole process. We are really happy with the website and hope that you share in our excitement. You have been especially wonderful and open with us, and we really do appreciate all of that on your end.

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Ron Bryan
5 Stars
Not only was the webinar excellent, but the service after was outstanding. I am excited about presenting this information to our companies partners next week. Great job!
Catherine Sommer Cichocki
5 Stars
Enjoyed the program very much. Learned much more about developing a niche and how niche marketing can benefit my business. Thank you.
Margaret Dalley-johns
5 Stars
Very informative and to the point. I really learned a lot from the presentation!

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James Driskell
5 Stars
We received our first electronic payment receipt yesterday for a tax return completed last week. We are very excited about that turnaround.
Duane Veium
5 Stars
I had a client pick up a tax return yesterday - all he had was banking information - used BizPayO and it worked great. Thanks again to all at Build Your Firm.
Vito Curcuru
5 Stars
The application process was simple and very straightforward.  Build Your Firm was very responsive for every question I had along the way.

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