Online Ad Campaign Management

For accountants who want to acquire more clients from the internet, Build Your Firm provides Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management and Retargeting advertising services, bundled together into a convenient one-two punch approach.

How it Works

Watch this short video to learn about how a pay-per-click campaign, combined with retargeting advertising, can be a highly effective way to drive traffic to your site.

The first step, PPC advertising, is designed to drive extra traffic to your website and the second step, Retargeting advertising, reminds them of your firm and seeks to pull them back to the website later in the decision making process.

Build Your Firm is the only firm dedicated to the accounting industry that combines the power of PPC advertising and retargeting into one single, powerful online marketing solution.

Build Your Firm is a Google Partner and has managed over $2 million in ads spent in the past decade. We offer pay-per-click and retargeting services exclusively to the accounting industry.

Step 1: PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising provides you with premium placement towards the top of search engine results pages for targeted keywords in your local geographic market. These targeted keywords are what prospects type into search engines when looking for local accounting firms. PPC advertising allows accountants to secure top placement much faster than organic search engine optimization. Typically, PPC campaigns will be up and running in 2-3 days, while organic search engine optimization can take several months or longer depending on the size of your market.

Build Your Firm has been providing PPC campaign management services to accountants for over ten years, long before all of the other accounting website providers. Our keyword research, ad copy testing, and monitoring of constant changes to Google’s advertising platform are designed to deliver higher ROI and save you tons of time and aggravation. And, we deliver this service at a fraction of the price of other internet marketing companies.

Step 2: Retargeting Advertising

To move prospects closer to a purchase decision and elevate your firm name in their consideration set, we also offer Retargeting Advertising (aka – remarketing) to raise the awareness of your accounting firm and pull qualified prospects back to your website. Retargeting advertising is only offered to clients who have an active Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Retargeting Advertising – Online display advertising that keeps your firm name in front of people AFTER they visit your website and seeks to bring them back again recognizing that prospects don’t buy on their first visit to your website.

Benefits of Retargeting for Accountants:

  • Target your online advertising to people who are "shopping" for your accounting services.
  • Reinforce your firm message and motivate prospects to schedule an appointment.
  • Make your firm appear larger than it really is.

Retargeting Advertising is only delivered to prospects who have previously visited your website. It reinforces your firm name/message and seeks to pull them back again, recognizing that 98% - 99% of online shoppers do not purchase on their first visit to your website. Retargeting Advertising is effective because it keeps your brand name in front of prospects who are shopping for accounting services, and brings "window shoppers" back when they are ready to engage.

Build Your Firm is the only firm dedicated to the accounting industry that combines the power of PPC Advertising AND Retargeting into one online marketing solution.

Step 3: Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram are cost effective ways to advertise your accounting practice because of amazing targeting capabilities. At the same time, both platforms are very different from traditional advertising platforms. Build Your Firm’s advertising campaign management on Facebook and Instagram allows you to specifically target individuals in your neighboring area by age, gender, language, income, purchase behaviors and personal interests.

Facebook advertising campaigns are most successful if you clearly define who you want to target and want them to do.

  • Drive prospects to your accounting practice website
  • Increase awareness of your firm and service offerings
  • Support a new service offering or specialty type of service

Facebook and Instagram advertising solutions provide you with an opportunity to reach current and prospective clients at every stage of the purchase process, from awareness to purchase.

  • We drive firm awareness and client acquisition across major social networks
  • We use retargeting to elevate your awareness and improve conversion rates
  • We also use “lookalike” campaigns to target users with similar profiles to your clients
  • We use data and automation to optimize your campaign and improve ROI
  • We design the creative and make advertising turnkey for you