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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to your website by encouraging Google and other search engines to display it organically in the search results pages.

Why SEO is Important for Accounting Websites

Your accounting firm's website design has little practical value if potential clients cannot find your website amid the sea of online competitors. That's why having a site that is properly optimized is so important. While at first glance SEO may seem to be a simple task, the truth is it's much more complicated than it appears.

SEO takes multiple factors into account. It's more than just the keywords on your website, but also looks at your site's coding and architecture, domain authority, content copywriting, internal and external links, and local search.

At Build Your Firm, we optimize every accounting website we create so they perform well online and bring in leads for our clients over time.

How Does SEO Work?

Search Engine Rankings – CPA Accounting Firms

Search engine optimization is mostly technical in nature, combining source code programming with business marketing, website architecture, visual presentation, persuasion copywriting, and some other disciplines woven into one to attract more prospects and visitors. Proper SEO is a labor-intensive and detail-oriented process and not something most accounting firms should try to tackle on their own if they want it done right.

SEO is Not a Quick Fix

There is not a quick fix to SEO. Optimizing a site properly takes considerable planning, knowledge, work and time to deliver results.

SEO Professionals for the Accounting Industry

Long story short, using a knowledgeable SEO professional who can assure your site is optimized is essential. At Build Your Firm, we're leaders in search engine optimized websites designed exclusively for the accounting industry. Get our free information kit now learn more or call us at 888-999-9800 ext. 1 to find out how we can build you an optimized accounting website.

SEO Included at No Extra Charge

SEO is included with every package because we truly believe your website should be easy to find in the search engines. If it's not, then what's the point? We optimize every single one of our clients' websites at no additional charge.

SEO Accounting Website Design – Search Engine Optimized
  • Proven SEO Results for Your Website

    At Build Your Firm we've been building search engine optimized website for accountants since 2003. We were founded by an accountant and have SEO strategists on staff to ensure that the SEO is done right and done well. We use real, tactical strategies to SEO that we know are proven to work. SEO isn't something that can happen overnight. We understand the process it takes and are committed to making it happen.

  • SEO Maintenance

    SEO best practices are constantly changing which means the SEO on your site needs constant attention and maintenance in order to remain effective. In addition to our keyword research and copywriting, we also employ other helpful strategies like link building, sharing best practices for local SEO, integration of blogs, and access to our Content Library (with over 400 accounting and tax articles for you to use for content marketing.)