John Siebert, CPA


Outsourced Marketing Client Since 2006

"The Outsourced Marketing Program has been our primary marketing tool since 2006."

John's Results

John's Story

In 2006, John Siebert attended Build Your Firm's Accounting Marketing workshop to learn how to develop his own accounting practice. At the time, John's practice was two years old, generating $70K in sales, too reliant on individual tax clients, and not generating enough income to truly support his young family.

John's goals were to acquire small business clients within the dental, medical, and veterinary practices, while avoiding restaurants and retail businesses. After attending the workshop, John elected to hire Build Your Firm and rely upon their expertise for marketing, lead generation, and business development.

$800K In New Business

Today, John's practice generates $900K in sales, focuses primarily on dental and veterinary practices, and now owns a commercial office building in town (built outside Columbus, OH). His practice often receives awards as one of the best CPA firms in town.

Over the years, John has exclusively "partnered" with Build Your Firm (BYF) for marketing, coaching, and business development. John views BYF as an extension of his practice, operating more successfully and efficiently than ever before.

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