Online Ad Campaign Management Get More Leads From the Internet

Leverage the power of our expertise with online advertising for accountants. We manage thousands of ad campaigns so we continuously collect data on the best performing keywords, ad content, and campaign structure.

Google advertising – PPC and retargeting for accounting

Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Advertising Management

For accountants who want to accelerate internet leads, Build Your Firm provides Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC), Facebook ads, and Instagram advertising campaign management.

Our PPC advertising on Google is designed to drive traffic to your website by displaying ads towards the top of the search results pages. As an optional add-on to PPC, we offer retargeting advertising which reminds recent website visitors about your firm by displaying additional ads as they browse the internet.

People spend lots of time on social media so you can increase your online marketing efforts even further with Facebook ads and Instagram ads. These ads allow you target specific audiences and stay visible to the types of potential clients you want most.

Google advertising – PPC and retargeting for accounting

Benefits of Google Ads PPC and Retargeting Advertising

Google online advertising promotes your firm by showing your ads to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time. Your ads will be shown to the people who are most likely to be interested in your accounting services, while filtering out the people who aren't.

A Google Ads campaign will:

  • Target people in a selected geographic location.
  • Use keywords (words and phrases) relevant to your services.
  • Enable control of your daily or monthly budget.
  • Increase online presence and drive traffic to your website.
  • Reach potential clients as they use multiple devices.
  • Provide valuable data and measurables.
Facebook advertising for accountants

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a cost-effective way to promote your accounting practice with superior targeting capabilities. We'll help you define your core audience and set the rules for where your ads are delivered based on location, demographics, job titles, interests, income, and more.

A Facebook Ads campaign will:

  • Micro-target your exact audience
  • Tailor ad creative to defined objectives
  • Reach more people than organic posts
  • Remarket to people who visit your website
  • Spend less than traditional PPC advertising
  • Increase brand awareness and website traffic

Facebook and Instagram advertising are an additional monthly fee plus click fees. Call 888-999-9800 ext. 11 and speak to a member of our sales team for a quote.