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9 Accounting Podcasts to Improve Your Practice (and Your Life)

9 Accounting Podcasts to Improve Your Practice (and Your Life)


by Hugh Duffy

9 Accounting Podcasts to Improve Your Practice (and Your Life)

There's no shortage of podcasts in the accounting industry, that's for sure. A simple Google will get you a list that will keep you busy for a few days. For those who partake in podcasting, there is plenty of choice and expertise to go around. We think that's a good thing. As content marketers, creating a podcast can be an exceptional way to build up thought leadership in your firm, raise your profile in your industry or niche and create a plethora of content you can repurpose (hopefully, over and over again).

Here's our pick of the best podcasts out there (in no particular order). Get ready to download.

Accounting Marketing Doesn't Suck

OK, I know we just said we weren't ranking these and we may be biased, but our in-house produced podcast, Accounting Marketing Doesn't Suck needs to be at the top of the list. We believe in transparency and the episodes are just that good. Host Hugh Duffy interviews the best and the brightest in accounting marketing and beyond, sharing tips and strategies for growth, profitability, and sanity.

Accounting Today Podcast

Accounting Today is one of the best trade publications around, reporting on the most pressing trends of the ever-changing industry. Listen to editor-in-chief and host Daniel Hood talk about the latest issues with thought leaders from around the profession. Episode topics include building strong exit strategies; what your clients need to know about going global; and the anytime, anywhere work revolution.

Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

Bragg, a CPA, is on every list when it comes to accounting podcasts which makes sense – he's been doing the show since 2006. Bragg covers essential information on a broad range of business subjects, including accounting technology, controls, closing the books, financing, payroll, and much more. The episodes are short – just 7 to 10 minutes long.

The Real Estate CPA Podcast

This podcast was created to help real estate investors and business owners at all levels better understand finance, accounting and tax. Hosted by Brandon Hall and Thomas Castelli, the podcast leverages their experience as both CPAs and real estate investors to deliver "hard-hitting, understandable, information."

Future of Accounting

Now in its fourth season, this podcast is one of the go-to resources for millennial accountants. Covering emerging technologies and cultural shifts that are impacting the accounting profession, host and founder of Money and Mimosas, Danetha Doe has interviewed the CEO of the AICPA and partners at Top 100 accounting firms, as well as taken the podcast on the road for a 7-city Future of Accounting Tour.

Green Apple Podcast

"Recovering CPA" John Garrett cracks jokes and talks with rock star professionals who stand out at work by focusing on being different in order to get ahead. A comedian and master of ceremonies, John talks to accountants, consultants, lawyers and other professionals who are doing cool things after they leave the office.

From the Trenches

As stated on their website, "in the age of Fake News, brave souls are needed to fight through the noise and give accountants in practice the support and information they deserve." David Boyar and Paul Meissner are chartered accountants in Australia who have episodes called "When a Client Sacks You," How to Stay Focused," and "Get a Mentor."

CPA Conversations

Complete with a breaking news theme song, this podcast produced by the by Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA), covers a variety of issues and hot topics affecting the accounting industry – some state and local. The show is hosted by Bill Hayes, the managing editor of The Pennsylvania CPA Journal.

Unsuitable on Rea Radio

Kudos to Ohio-based Rea & Associates for launching this award-winning podcast. Host and executive principal Dave Cain talks with his fellow colleagues all about taxes, finance and investing. Their approach is to challenge old school business practices and to think beyond the old tie and suit mentality. And, if listening to the podcast isn't enough, you can also watch the episodes on YouTube.

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