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CPA Accounting for Churches - Parochial Schools - Faith Colleges

CPA Accounting for Churches - Parochial Schools - Faith Colleges


by Hugh Duffy

CPA Accounting for Churches - Parochial Schools - Faith Colleges

Gatlin CPA has been servicing the needs of faith-based organizations for decades. However, they now want to service the needs of religious organizations all over the United States because this sector is often overlooked by larger CPA Firms. As part of this outreach, Gatlin CPA is now seeking to service religious organizations across the country and service them by the type of service they truly need.

In 2015, Gatlin CPA will seek to create specialty areas to better meet the needs religious organizations.

Outsourced CFO and Controller Services - Independent financial guidance along with tighter internal controls is key to every well run organization. For a fraction of the cost of hiring a in-house CFO, religious organizations can now outsource this function to a firm that does this for many religious groups.

Accounting for Colleges, Universities and Parochial Schools - Cost effective accounting for all types of educational services.

Gatlin - Schools

Church Accounting - Financial reporting and regulatory scrutiny are key to religious organizations of all types.

Non-Profit Tax Compliance - Federal, state and local reporting requirements can be complex in order to retain your non-profit status.

Clergy Taxes - We provide income tax filing for clergy, pastors and ministers of all types.

Gatlin CPA has been servicing religious organizations for over twenty five years. Harold Gatlin CPA CGMA is a product of a faith based family and has a sibling with long tenured service in the ministry. To discuss your situation, call 219-462-7544 and ask for Harold.

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