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Online Marketing to the Hispanic Community

Online Marketing to the Hispanic Community


by Hugh Duffy

Online Marketing to the Hispanic Community

English SpanishWith the meteoric growth of the Hispanic community, how much longer can you ignore this emerging target audience?

Here are a few numbers that illustrate the need to provide a multi-lingual website:

  • The U.S. Census Bureau projects the Hispanic population to grow by 57% from 2015 to 2050.
  • The Hispanic community will grow from 18% of the U.S. population to 28% in 2050.
  • The Hispanic community will be more than twice the size of the African-American community in 2050.

And in some cities, Hispanics represent the majority of the population. Here are several large cities with high concentrations of Hispanics:

  • English Spanish map of USEl Paso - 80% hispanic
  • Miami - 69%
  • San Antonio - 61%
  • Anaheim - 52%
  • Los Angeles - 48%
  • Dallas - 43%
  • Phoenix - 42%
  • Hartford - 41%

Is it time to embrace this community by having English and Spanish on your website?

Below are several examples of accounting firms who are extending an olive branch by providing a bilingual website.

At Build Your Firm, we've been doing bilingual marketing for over ten years. We encourage you to embrace an emerging audience which is probably right in your neighborhood.

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