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Outsourced Marketing Program

Our Outsourced Marketing Program

A complete program including ongoing coaching, outsourced marketing and lead generation for accounting firms that do not want to manage marketing in house. We work with you to customize a program that suits your practice and your local market characteristics, allowing you to acquire new business less expensively than buying a practice, while growing at a steady, controlled pace.

Program Highlights

Lead generation

Excellent Lead

We will build a customized marketing program to create a steady flow of leads based on your local marketing characteristics and accounting skills to ensure you have an optimum accounting practice.



This program provides training and coaching on practice management so you can focus on improving profit margins and selling/closing so you can prove your value.


Customized Three-Year Partnership

We provide the structure and support for acquiring new business in a controlled manner over three years (typically $150,000 to $300,000).

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"It has now been almost four years since I started the outsourced marketing program. I could not be more pleased with the results. Hugh and BYF have done much more for me than they promised. I now have two other CPAs working for me, and am hiring a third this year. I’ve blown through the annual new business targets they set for me, and last year exceeded it by just almost 80%. I feel like I have an ally to run things by. I don’t feel like I’m on my own trying to decide everything about my practice. "

Luke Gheen, Colorado

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At A Glance

What is our Outsourced Marketing Program?

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"I reached $254,000 in revenues over the last 12 months of the program in a down economy. I continued with the website and internet marketing program and grew 23% the first year after the Outsourced Marketing Program and over 40% the second year after."

Julio Garcia, Texas

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How It Works

Our clients in this program typically acquire $150,000 to $300,000 in new business over three years at half the price of acquiring an existing practice. Target goals vary by geographical location. We will provide you with a tailored goal analysis of your market prior to starting the program. You'll receive training on accounting marketing, practice management, selling skills, and niche development along with valuable one-on-one training.

In a nutshell, the Outsourced Marketing Program provides you with a:

  • -Lead generation system without hiring marketing staff
  • -Training and coaching system for faster growth and profit improvement

Our proven system enables you to acquire new business at half the market value. And because our system is sustainable and makes sense, many accountants have been working with us for 5-10+ years.

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DIY Marketing vs. Outsourced Marketing

What Outsourced Marketing Clients Have to Say

The Coaching Component of OMP

Interested? Get started by calling Nita Sabo at 888-999-9800 or fill out our online application.


Outsourced marketing program

In order to be successful, our program requires the proper mindset. There are no shortcuts to building a firm. It requires commitment, organization and an investment in yourself. The payback is huge. You will own a practice at 50% of the cost to acquire a like-sized practice, with younger clients that are molded to fit your style, creating large efficiencies and longer retention rates. Plus the quality of the practice, clients and your lifestyle can be far superior. Your practice will also command a higher sales multiple because your profit margins are higher than most accounting firms.

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"The Outsourced Marketing Program works! It does not take a lot of my time. BYF does the lead generation and I close the clients. I've been working with them since 2006."

Brad Filmanowicz, Illinois

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Outsourced Marketing FAQs

This program is a complete outsourced marketing and practice development program for accounting practitioners that want to acquire $150,000 - $300,000 of new business over three years. In this program, Build Your Firm takes responsibility for the marketing and lead generation for your practice. We will also provide training, coaching and support so you can close and manage the new business as it comes in. You will not need to hire telemarketers or sales reps (CSRs).

Yes. BYF does the marketing for you so your practice can be generating consistent leads without having to hire somebody, or doing it yourself. Many of our clients like the assurance of knowing that they have a modern marketing system that is always turned on and working for them.

As we see it, there are only two ways to grow an accounting practice, buy an existing accounting practice or build a practice. If you decide to buy a practice, the cost is generally 1.25 times gross fees for the practice you are buying. With our Outsourced Marketing Program, you will acquire new business at a cost of 0.6 - 0.7 times gross, all in, which is approximately half the cost of buying an existing practice. Also, the quality of the clientele will be higher if you build it using our system, versus buying someone else's practice.

Yes. This is an integral part of our Outsourced Marketing program. You will receive extensive 1 on 1 training from our President, Allan Ratafia CPA on critical matters so you can close new business and manage it effectively. All training is conveniently scheduled and delivered in a manner consistent with how you will interact with prospects and clients.

Complete our OMP Application, or call our offices 888-999-9800 x156 and speak with Nita Sabo.

Yes. They are posted on our website. If you are still not convinced, give us a call and we will put you directly in touch with other accountants who have participated.