Vanessa Lambert

Vanessa Lambert

Website Developer & Graphic Designer

Vanessa graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Advertising. She began her career in marketing but soon after discovered her passion for design. Over the next years she committed herself to becoming a master in web design. She has an unyielding commitment to her craft and prides herself of her ability to stay current on industry standards and design trends.

Now over a decade into her career, Vanessa has worked with a wide variety of clients all over the country. She came on board with Build Your Firm in January of 2015 and her creative ability and expertise in the field has allowed BYF to transform our brand, launch our new website and help to bring our clients beautiful yet impactful accounting websites.

Vanessa's Words To Live By: You can't fake passion. Do what you love and everything else just falls into place.

Fun Facts About Vanessa

  • Proud dog momma to her yorkie, Kingsley
  • Enjoys hiking, biking, and kayaking
  • Lover of all things music and a self-taught ukuleleist
  • Loves traveling and exploring new places with her husband
  • Can sniff out a bakery two miles away
  • Bachelor of Science in Advertising from Quinnipiac University